One Incident Is Too Many

Our goal is to not only send everyone home each day without incident but to build a culture where the safety practices employees learn at work are taken home as well.  That’s why we are structured around a quality safety program that matches the products we provide.  We focus on helping our employees utilize solid safety processes that are established as a company – processes that allow employees to work safely.  Learning to make the correct safety decisions and having the right and responsibility to stop any unsafe operations are just a few of the safety processes we use every day.  We do this through training, planning, and proper selection and use of PPE and equipment.  We understand that one incident is too many.

Kokosing Materials’ safety program is successful because we improve our processes every day.  We continually work together toward the common goal of eliminating all incidents.

Kokosing Materials is centered on safety as a culture.  This starts with management conceptualizing the safety process, the solid safety staff support providing the needed training and technical expertise on projects, through the employees who plan and perform the work safely.

We’re focused on achieving ZERO incidents.