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We, at Kokosing Materials, value our strong customer base. We are committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality material, at a competitive price.  KMI plant personnel strives to supply our customers with timely scheduling in a safety first environment.  KMI sales representatives will provide you a quote for any up-coming projects, and supply you with all mix submittals as needed.  Please keep in mind the scheduling of your Hot Mix Asphalt needs is very important to us and should be made with your sales representative as soon as possible to insure you receive the level of service you expect from KMI.

The Customer Service Section of this website contains all the tools and information you will need as a customer of Kokosing Materials.  Please review all the information and follow the steps on the job set-up form.  Contact your sales representative when you are ready to schedule your job. These procedures are put in place to make sure we service you, the customer, from load out to invoicing in an accurate and timely manner.

We at KMI take this opportunity to welcome all new customers, and thank our valued customers for their continued service of Hot Mix Asphalt needs now and in the future.